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How To Help / Stock Transfers

Stock Transfer Guide

  • Q. What's the easiest way to make a gift of stock to Aid to Artisans?
    A.  If your broker holds the stock, ask them to send the stock "DTC" to our account using the following information: - Banc of America Investment Services Account Number J15-163287 - For credit to: Aid to Artisans, Inc. - DTC# 0226 - Aid to Artisans' Federal Tax ID# 04-2577837. If you prefer, you may send a letter of instruction to your broker rather than contact us directly.
  • Q. Are there other methods of giving stock to Aid to Artisans?
    A.  There are two other procedures you may use to donate stock. The one you choose is dependent upon whether your bank holds the stock, or if the securities are in your possession:

    If a bank holds your stock, the trust officer may set up a temporary account in the name of Aid to Artisans, sell the stock on our instructions and send the proceeds to ATA.

    If the stock is in your possession, send the stock certificate to Aid to Artisans, along with a notarized letter stating that you are making a gift of the stock to ATA. The letter should be signed by all persons listed on the stock certificate. We also require that you send a "Stock Power" form (available from your broker) signed by each person listed on the stock certificate.
  • Q. How are the date and value of my stock gift determined?
    A.  Your gift of stock is effective on the date the stock irrevocably leaves your control. If your bank or broker holds the stock, the gift date is the date of transfer. If you mail the stock to us, the gift date is the same as the postmark. If you hand-deliver the stock, the gift date is the date Aid to Artisans takes physical possession of the stock.

    The value of your gift for tax purposes is the fair market value of the stock on the gift date. In the case of publicly traded stock, the fair market value is the average between the high and low (or bid and asked) prices for the stock on the gift date.

    Special Note: In order to send our thanks, Aid to Artisans asks that either you or your broker advise us of your gift by sending a letter to Aid to Artisans, Development Office, 1030 New Britain Avenue, Suite 102, West Hartford, CT 06110.

    Please include the following information in your letter: - The donor's name - The type of stock and number of shares given - The gift date - The approximate value of the gift.

    Once we have received your stock gift, we'll send you our thanks in writing, including information about the value of your stock gift for tax purposes.

    Please note: The information provided above is of a general nature only; Aid to Artisans is not rendering legal or tax advice. Individual state laws govern wills, trusts and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement. For advice or assistance in specific cases, please consult an attorney or other professional advisor. Tax revisions may affect the accuracy of the information outlined in this document.